With a team of professionals with decades of high-level experience in all aspects of real estate, marketing, planning and development, Nickerson RE understands the diverse and ever changing dynamics within the marketplace. As a full service agency, fully integrated with our sister company Nickerson PR, clients will receive results-driven marketing strategies built for maximum velocity and value.

Nickerson RE approaches each project as a true partnership supported by transparency and a ceaseless commitment to meet, and often exceed, all sales and marketing goals. By providing a deep breadth of knowledge and experience from a developer’s point of view, we are armed with a unique set of tools designed for amiable and value-driven approach.

With a deep rooted passion for the world of real estate, development, and construction, Nickerson Companies has the ability to create effective messaging full service agency; it’s what separates us from others in the industry. With two teams working cohesively, Nickerson PR and Nickerson RE create strategies that amplify messaging to target audiences to ultimately drive business goals.